About Us

Colorido was established having the main goal to create high standard quality products, which are hard to come by in the current market, as well as to provide a fast and premium service.

And you will be able to find the most colorful and joyful products a child could want in our online store. We want to offer a different concept than the traditional “pale yellow, pale blue and pale pink” wear. We believe our children are happiness, joy, movement and creativity. That’s why you will find clothes filled with colors, having different designs and being very innovative. Along with all that, we will pay a very special attention for the right fit and sizes, as well as excellent quality for each product offered.

Pamela Muñoz Lagos is the woman behind this project that began with Sunblock.cl in 2007, followed by NiñosInvierno.cl in 2014 and in 2017 NiñosBilingues.cl was finally born.

Colorido.cl came to life in 2019, as an unified website to host all of the above brands, so that our customers can go to one place to find it all.

Along with the merger of our 3 brands, another brand was born. Mamalú is a high quality infants wear project. Mamalú is an exclusive kids wear brand, that manufactures each product by hand in Valdivia, with a limited number of units, using the best raw materials available in the current market. You will find all of Mamalú’s products exclusively at Colorido.cl.

*Colorful web launch video in the year 2019, some terms and conditions may have changed to the current date*

“In my personal opinion, details make the difference. My team and I work with a great commitment everyday in order to offer a very pleasant, simple and safe purchase experience online. We are pleased to get every positive message from our customers and we also make an extra effort to improve when a suggestion is made. To me, the core of any business should be offering a high quality product, a fast delivery and an excellent after sales service”.

Pamela Muñoz – Founder CEO

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