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Short sleeve swimsuit + turquoise/pistachio shorts UPF 50+ brand Zunblock

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Short sleeve swimsuit + turquoise/pistachio UPF 50+ shorts Zunblock brand, it is perfect for water sports in the pool or in the sea, for bathing, riding a bike, go on a hike or just to walk around town.

The UV UPF 50+ protection means that 98% of the UVA and UVB rays that reach the fabric will not pass through, thus protecting the health of your child and avoiding excessive exposure to dangerous UV rays.

The set of shorts and shirt is made of lycra with 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane. The fabric is breathable, drying is very fast, so it has maximum protection both in and out of water.

High standards of excellence.

To provide high and long-lasting protection, Zunblock products are tested under the highest existing standards, UV Standard 801. The products are not only tested dry and new, but also wet and used.

All products are also Australian/New Zealand AS/NZ 4399: 1996 certified. Zunblock only uses fabrics free of chemicals and products that are not harmful to health and the environment (Oeko-Tex-Standard 100).

This set is easy to care, and to wash it, just put your garment in the washing machine at no more than 30º and without softener.

After using it in the pool or in the sea, remember to rinse it with water, so that the chlorine or sea salts do not damage the garment and thus last much longer. No ironing required, what a relief!

When using garments with Zunblock UV protection, you only have to apply sunscreen to the children on the areas of skin that are exposed.


The swimwear has a fit design so that it also looks good when wet.

For your children to wear sun protection with attractive colours and designs.

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