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Legionnaire orange helmet for work safety UV 50+ brand IQ. One size fits all.

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Legionnaire for work safety helmet with UV 50+ sunscreen IQ brand. One size can be used with a blue/white men’s dress shirt or a blue/white women’s dress shirt as a complement to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays while working.

IQ-Company since 1994, produces sportswear and recently added protective work wear, especially designed to take care of our workers who are exposed to long hours of sun exposure.

Legionnaire for work safety helmet with UV 50+ sunscreen IQ brand. One size.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

Sustainably and fairly produced. 


For occupational safety clothing, strict standards apply in Germany. 

That is why IQ UV products are made of double-sided UV protection. 

It is made of 64% Polyester (recycled PET bottles) and 36% Lyocell.

Sixty-four percent of this is a special polyester, which consists of 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. These are processed exclusively mechanically and without chemical additives. 

The other 36 percent of the Doubleface fabric comes from a very special fiber, Lyocell. This botanical yarn is made from ecologically cultivated eucalyptus wood and is particularly environmentally friendly to manufacture. The good product properties of Lyocell are really interesting: Lyocell clothing is soft, skin-friendly and very durable. 

In addition, it naturally reduces bacterial growth and odor. By blending the two fibers, IQ-UV has created a soft, functional two-layer fabric with a comfortable fit that is breathable, lightweight, iron-free and suitable for industrial laundering.


What does this mean? Here are some examples:

About ten percent of the plastic debris in the sea is called ghost nets.

By using these nets for our products, we reduce their quantity and can protect some marine life from life-threatening effects.

 The use of recycled PET bottles reduces the level of waste, or more precisely, one kilogram of fabric for 14 PET bottles. 

There are low CO2 emissions during production: as PET bottles are not burned, each kilogram of material saves three kilograms of CO2 emissions. There is low water consumption during production: we need three liters of water to produce one kilogram of double-sided recycled UV protection.

By way of comparison, the same amount of conventional polyester consumes 43 liters and for cotton it is even 10,000 liters.

No toxins are produced: 167 different pesticides are used to produce one kilogram of cotton. On the other hand, one kilogram of double-sided recycled UV protection needs no pesticides.


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